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“Twill” you join me for this week’s episode of A Handwoven Experience? Ha! Clearly, all the time inside is starting to effect my sense of humor. Moving on…

Episode 15 is the 2nd in our weaving pattern series & I’m introducing twill weave. Most beginning weavers move from plain weave right into twill. It’s a fairly easy pattern that packs a big punch. You will love it! Enjoy!

Show Notes –

Twill Weave – Twill weave is a weave pattern identified by its angled nature. It typically has a diagonal element. Twill is awesome because without it, we wouldn’t have denim, or houndstooth check (for the casual or the dressy in the audience)!

Denim – Denim is a sturdy textile that blue jeans are made from. Denim does not have to blue – that’s simply the popular choice.

Plain Weave – When you were a kid and made a potholder, you did some plain weave. It’s the most basic form of weaving there is.

Houndstooth check – Houndstooth refers to a very distinctive pattern, created by a twill weave. It is usually 2 colors (black & white are traditional). The pattern looks like pointy squares and each black square is exactly the same as the white square next to it.

Freebie for You!

Grap your free .pdf that follows along with this weaving pattern series! It provides an overview of each weaving pattern. Tells you how to recognize it and what it is used for. Plus, I’ve included a few notes on how to create the pattern on your loom. It’s a fabulous resource! Click here to get your copy today. Happy Weaving!


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