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You may not know this, but recycling and weaving are best friends. Like, Amy and Penny sort of besties.

If that seems like an odd pairing, let me walk you through it. In weaving, there are warp yarns, which are in the loom and under tension. These are the serious ones. They have a big job to do and there are restrictions that go with selecting a warp yarn. You don’t want those guys to break. So, you can’t just use anything.

This is not the case with the weft yarns, which are in the shuttle. See, the weft yarns have very few restrictions. They are the party animals of the weaving process. As a weaver, you can select something traditional like a cotton or wool yarn for the weft. Or, you can crack open your creativity and find something to repurpose. As long as you can slice it into strips, you can use it in your weft.

I’m telling you – recycling and weaving go hand in hand! Check out episode 28 below to hear more about it. Happy Weaving, friends!

Show Notes –

Recycling – I found a great article about recycling and some of its history. Did you know that the first Earth Day was on April 22, 1970? Take a look at the rest right here.

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