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As people, it is natural to pick a side, right? Well, weaving is no different. In today’s episode of A Handwoven Experience, I’m talking all about the great debate.

There are essentially two different methods for dressing a loom and weavers feel very strongly about their method. For me, I dress my loom front-to-back, which I love! It suits my style of weaving along with the materials I enjoy working with.

But, there’s an entire world of weavers who do it differently – back-to-front. And isn’t that amazing? Check out this week’s video to hear all about the great debate. And Happy Weaving!

Show Notes –

Methods of warping the loom – Madelyn Van Der Hoogt is a fabulous resource for all things weaving. And I found a wonderful article she wrote about getting your project into the loom. Matter of fact, she talks about three different ways to dress a loom. Bonus! Check it out right here. 

Duneland Weaver’s Guild – This is my guild, based out of Chesterton, IN. They are the best people you’ll ever meet! And so wildly talented! Stop by their website to learn more. 


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