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Let me tell you a story. (Spoiler alert, there’s a happy ending!) 15 years ago, I took my first weaving class. And she lived happily ever after.

Yep, you guessed it – today’s post is a Happy Anniversary to me!

15 years is a long time to make decisions, mistakes, and life changes. And I’ve done plenty of all of those! Check out this week’s video to hear all about it!

Show Notes –

Woof – Another word for “weft”. Not really used anyone, but would be great for trivia night!

Floating Selvedge – There are times in a weaving project when (because of the pattern) the weft doesn’t go to the end of the row. This leads to strange and inconvenient warp floats. It happens in twill quite a bit. The solution to this dilemma is floating selvedges. A floating selvedge is a warp yarn on the end of the project that doesn’t lift & lower. Thus, your weft yarn can always go to the edge and around the floating selvedge. So no matter how boring a floating selvedge seems, it is an important player in the weaving world. Thank you, Ms. Floating Selvedge!

Things I’ve learned – I found a great article from Gather all about things Kim learned during her weaving travels. Because I haven’t traveled much, I really enjoyed reading about what she discovered when interacting with weavers from all over the world. Curious? Click here to read all about it.

Happy Anniversary Gifts – Traditionally, the gift for 15 years is crystal. But what’s a weaver going to do with something in crystal? Instead, give me wool and cotton any day! If we’re being fancy, silk or linen will work, too.

Happy weaving, my friend!


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