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Today, we’re going to chat about the mighty warping board. What’s so mighty about it, you ask? Well, the warping board provides us with a structure that does 2 important things – measures each warp yarn the same length, and does it in order.

See, when a weaver begins a project, she carefully plans for each warp yarn. Once the plans are finalized, she’s going to need a reliable method for measuring everything. And that’s where the mighty warping board steps in.

Take a peek at episode 32 of A Handwoven Experience to see exactly what I’m talking about! Happy Weaving, my friend!

Show Notes –

Warp – The warp refers to the yarns that are in the loom under tension. Interestingly enough, you can refer to the entire set of yarns as the “warp” (noun), and you can describe a yarn as a “warp” yarn (adjective). The word does double duty! Fancy, huh?

Warping Board – A warping board is a board on which you warp… ha! That’s the worst definition I’ve ever written. Let me try again. Take two. – A warping board is a rectangular or square frame (almost always in wood) with pegs sticking out of it.  A weaver will use it to measure a project in the correct order.

(If you don’t have a warping board and you love to tinker in the wood shop, I found a great video showing how to make one yourself! Check it out here –  )

Warping Mill – A warping mill is another tool available for measuring a warp. You can find them in either a vertical or horizontal format. A major benefit is that the mill moves, not you. So, this can be a great option for ergonomic reasons – especially if you lean towards long warps.

If you are interested in seeing more about putting a project on a warping board, jog over to Episode 6. You’ll find me standing at the loom, winding the warp yarns on, explaining the process further. Enjoy!

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