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Weaving on a loom is a very physical activity. Therefore, it’s time to address the important, but un-glamorous world of ergonomics for weavers.

See, in order for weavers to keep weaving, they need to be able to see the eye of the heddle, tie the warp onto the rod, and weave for hours on end. That all demands that we ponder how to treat our bodies with kindness.

In this episode, I’m touching on good practices to keep all the weavers out there in tip-top shape. Besides, being kind to our bodies now will help our bodies keep working for us later. It’s a win-win. Enjoy!

Show Notes –

History of Ergonomics – While it doesn’t specifically address ergonomics for weavers (which would be REALLY unusual if it did!), I found an interesting blog about the term “ergonomics” and how it has become relevant to us in our daily lives. Curious? Click here to read more.

Ikea Clamp Light – Here is a link to the moveable light I use over my loom. It works brilliantly because I have a bookshelf to attach it to. If you don’t have the same scenario, simply keep your eyes peeled for a floor or a desk light that offers you lots of adjustability.

Weaving Bench – While this isn’t exactly the same model as my weaving bench, it is a very similar design. You are under no obligation to own a weaving bench if you’re a weaver. But, you do need some kind of adjustable seating so you can be comfortable at both a regular height and a squatting height. Your back, shoulders, and neck will thank you!!

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