Here we are, in November already! It’s time to think about holiday shopping, which is exactly what I’m encouraging you to do. Only this time, let’s all plan to shop small.

See, entrepreneurs sink their hearts and souls into creating amazing products and offering A+ customer service. No one does personalization and a genuine touch like a small business owner.

Take a peek at episode 37 of A Handwoven Experience to hear the entire talk!

One Gift Challenge –

Here is your official challenge. Are you ready? Replace 1 gift that you would ordinarily buy at a big box store with something from a small business. It can be a local business or someone you love online.

In the comments below, let me know what gift (or gifts) you decided to purchase and from whom. Let’s spread some good karma and shop small!

Show Notes –

Small Business Saturday – This holiday has already worked its way into our yearly line-up, thankfully! But, it has only been a thing for 10 years, believe it or not. Click right here to check out an interesting article all about it.

Female small business owners – I found some fascinating data about women-owned small businesses. Being a female business owner myself, it is good to be part of a growing club that’s going to change the world!

Acton Creative’s Online Store –

The shop is open 24/7! So if you need to purchase a Fingertip Towel for Aunt Louisa at 3 am, it’s no problem!

You want to buy a Messenger Bag for your college-aged niece right after lunch? Yup!

You’re watching the Late Late Show and come up with a brilliant plan of Wallets for teacher gifts? No sweat. The little website elves are always working. Shop away!

And if while you’re shopping, you think, “You know what would make my life easier?”, include it in the notes for the order! If I can wrap a gift, include a note, or ship separately, simply let me know. I’m happy to help!

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