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In today’s episode of A Handwoven Experience, the goal is to get you all wound up! Or at least, to get your project safely wound on to the loom.

For the overall enjoyment of the weaving process, it is important to use something in between the layers of warp yarns being wound around and around the warp beam at the back of your loom. This keeps the warp yarns even, allowing you to get the most inches out of the project and providing even tension.

It is typical to use either sticks or paper as the material between the rotations of warp yarns. And they both certainly have merit. Tune in to this week’s A Handwoven Experience to see more about your options. Enjoy getting “all wound up”!

Show Notes –

Tips for warping a loom – Deb Essen wrote a great article about warping a loom. She recommends bamboo blinds or placemats for warp separators – pretty brilliant! Read all about it here.

Winding on a project – Check out episode 9 of A Handwoven Experience to see more about the process of winding a weaving project on to the loom – way back in the beginning! Just click here for more details.

Holiday Shopping for the Weaver in Your Life –

Do you have a weaver to buy for this holiday season? Maybe you aren’t sure what he/she might like? No worries! I’ve compiled a list of goodies that will fit the bill! Travel over to the official Holiday Weaver’s Wish List to pull lots of ideas and bring joy to your favorite fiber-lover! Happy Shopping!

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