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Have you been toying with the idea of buying a loom? Well then, this week’s episode of A Handwoven Experience is for you!

I have 3 questions to keep in the front of your mind when looking at looms. What do you want to make? How much space do you have? And what is your budget?

Those 3 variables will help you narrow down your selection to a frame, inkle, rigid heddle, table, or floor loom. There’s an entire world of looms out there. This video will help it feel a little bit smaller.

Show Notes –

History of the Inkle Loom – Curious about the cute little looms used for making straps and belts? Check out this conversation about the inkle loom and its interesting history!

Tours of my Looms – At different times, I’ve given online tours of my looms – the 36″ Schacht 4-Shaft Floor Loom, and the 15″ Schacht 4-Shaft Table Loom. If you click on the titles, you can see for yourself. Hopefully, the visuals will help you narrow it down in your quest of buying a loom!

Holiday Shopping –

If you still have folks to buy for, no worries! Acton Creative has a bit of everything from handwoven Towels, to Messenger Bags, to Weaving Journals & Calendars! And if you are really down to the wire? You can easily pick up a gift card so your intended can shop to his/her heart’s delight later on! Have a fabulous time shopping with Acton Creative!


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