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You know how I constantly insist that weaving is so amazingly cool? Well, a huge part of that is the equipment that comes with the job – especially the looms. So I think it’s time for us to start sharing our loom stories.

What is a loom story, you ask? Well, a loom is a pretty unique item and not everyone is going to own one. It’s not a can opener. Thus, there is going to be an interesting story of how you came to own a loom, or know someone who owns a loom. It’s a small, but fantastic club.

So, why not share our stories? It’s a great opportunity to bond over our love of these beautifully crafted frames that do so much more than hold yarn. I can’t wait to hear your story! I’ve shared mine in this week’s video. Take a peek!

Show Notes –

Lifestyles in Valparaiso – If you ever get the chance to visit lovely Valparaiso, IN, stop by the charming Lifestyles! It has exactly when you didn’t know you needed. Tell them Chris said, “hi”!

Duneland Weaver’s Guild – This is my guild, based out of Chesterton, IN. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more talented and generous group of weavers!

Famous Loom Story – Do you watch the Big Bang Theory? There’s an awesome episode in the very first season where Sheldon loses his focus and ends up with a loom. Click here to see the hysterical segment! (I’m very sad that Sheldon didn’t stick with weaving. I’m guessing his edges would have always been precise.)

Jacquard Loom – Joseph Marie Jacquard invented a type of loom that could be programmed to weave very complicated patterns. The Jacquard loom uses a series of punch cards to dictate the order of the threads, like a player piano. The great significance of the Jacquard loom is not only relevant to the world of weaving, but also to technology. See, the loom became inspiration for how computers work! What a loom story, right?

My Loom Story – In this week’s video, I talked about my table loom. And while I don’t have an image of Margaret’s adorable loom that inspired its purchase, I do have a tour of mine. If you haven’t seen it yet, cruise over here to see what it’s all about!

Your turn!

I cannot WAIT to hear your personal stories of the looms that have come in and out of your life! Thank you so much for sharing them with me! Happy Weaving!

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