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Today I’m talking about the fabulous floating selvedge! Yes, this humble, stationary yarn may seem boring at first glance. But time and time again, it has saved the show!

See, the floating selvedge provides something for the weft to loop around when a pattern doesn’t. This is really important when paying attention to your edges. (And truthfully, when is a weaver not paying attention to her edges?)

Take a look at episode 42 of A Handwoven Experience to find out more about the fabulous floating selvedge!

Show Notes –

More about floating selvedges – I found a lovely summary all about today’s topic on the Gist yarn website. Feel free to check it out right here! 

Other mentions – In a interesting twist of kismet, I mentioned floating selvedges recently in my Happy Anniversary blog post! Don’t remember that one? No worries – I have it for you right here!

Twill weave – The pattern I’m working with in the video is a twill weave. This lovely, versatile style of weaving is great fun. And you don’t need to be very experienced to try it! Put it on your list of to-do’s for an upcoming project. You will love it!

Now, you!

What is your experience with floating selvedges? Have you ever forgotten to include them at the warping board and had to separately weight them at the loom? (Is that just me?) Have you ever started a project, not realizing they would come in handy? Thoughts? Happy Weaving, my friend!!!

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