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The title for this week’s blog is “Yarn Shrinkage in Weaving”. Or better yet, “Shrinkage – Less Exact Science, More Science Experiment”. See, when it comes to how much a fiber will shrink, there’s simply no definitive answer. There’s a close guess. But no one correct answer for every occasion. 

So much of the fiber shrinkage has to do with the type of pattern. If the yarn has a lot of space to spread out in the pattern, there will be more shrinkage. If the yarn is wrapped up tight? Less shrinkage. Tune into this week’s video to hear more about it!

Show Notes –

More about shrinkage – I found a lovely post from Christine at Gist yarn shrinkage in weaving. As she points out, THE most accurate way to determine shrinkage is to do a sample. Use the fibers and the pattern for your project and see what happens! Then, you’ll know exactly how much to allow for in order to achieve the finished size you want. She explains it beautifully! Check it out here!

Shrinkage & other variables – One of my favorites, Madelyn Van der Hoogt, wrote a response to a question about becoming more accurate when planning a project. Madelyn explains some of the project elements to keep an eye on. (She’s so good! I’m a complete fangirl.) You can read her fabulous wisdom here.

Now, you!

Ever had a project do crazy things in the washer or dryer? Tell me all the horror stories! (We’ve all been there!)

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