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Today, we are pondering the all-important question, “To sample, or not to sample?” Sampling in weaving may sound like just one extra step in a process that already includes a million steps.

So why do it? Because of the aforementioned “million” steps involved in dressing a loom and weaving a project, it can be worth it to take a few minutes and a few inches to be sure you are on the right track.

In episode 45 of A Handwoven Experience, I’m talking about 2 types of sampling and when they will come in handy. Never again will you waver on the question, “to sample, or not to sample”! I’ve got you covered! Check it out!

Show Notes –

Another view on sampling – Amanda, over at Gist yarns, wrote a very interesting article about her approach to sampling. She takes it one step further than I typically would. She talks about sampling as a goal, rather than a necessary step (which is the camp I fall into, without a doubt!). It’s really fascinating. I can’t say I’m officially sold, but I love her enthusiasm. Take a look here to read all about it.

Specific sett sampling – Tegan, with Comfort Cloth Weaving, documented her experience with sampling while preparing for a series of blankets. She meticulously experimented with her sett to find exactly the right spacing for her fiber and the pattern. I can definitely appreciate her patience! Read all about it here. 

Now, you!

Have you ever found yourself a third of the way through a project and thought, “I should’ve done a bit of sampling before I started this”? Tell me about it! What happened?

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