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We need a place to share our Weaving Wins. That’s what I’ve decided.

Because weaving is such a solitary craft, we don’t always have the opportunity to share our little (and big!) successes. And even when we have these fabulously satisfying moments, we may not have folks around us that will appreciate the magnitude of them.

Have you ever arrived at the end of a project that turned out better than anticipated? Then, you excitedly shared the news with your partner/friend/neighbor? And their response was sort of lukewarm? Not NEARLY as enthusiastic as you wanted it to be? The letdown is so sad.

Thus, Weaving Wins was born! Tell us all about your latest victory in the weaving arena and we’ll promise to hoot and holler with unbridled cheer!

Examples of Weaving Wins –

  • You tried a new weaving pattern.
  • Your very first project is finished.
  • A weaving teacher you admire offered a class and you registered immediately.
  • Or, you tried a new yarn.
  • Maybe you fixed a broken yarn like it was no big deal?
  • How about that time that you found a bag full of weaving yarn at a garage sale for $10?
  • Remember the first time you got the tension JUST right in your project?

These are all ideas for Weaving Wins! But, you are a wildly creative person and I know you’ll come up with some wonderful wins to share with all of us!

Why share your Weaving Wins?

We (the Acton Creative Community) promise to cheer you on! My hope is that our shared joy will encourage you and others to keep going. Keep weaving. And definitely keep trying new things.

Thanks to the amazing internet, our solitary work doesn’t have to stay hidden. We can share all the good things with each other! And won’t that be lovely?

Ponder your latest Weaving Win and share it in the comments! Then, come back and share future wins with us, too! I can’t WAIT to hear all about the great successes you’ve been having! Happy Weaving, my friend!!

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And one more thing –

In the video, I mention the wildly talented Amanda Baxter! If you haven’t already checked out her amazing yarns, click here to go visit her site. Enjoy!

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