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In this week’s episode of A Handwoven Experience, I’m talking about reading a weaving draft. Even though it may seem cryptic, a weaving draft is a fabulous tool for any weaver. I’m here to help you translate what all those squares mean.

A draft normally comes with three distinctly different parts that are all connected to each other – the threading, the tie-ups, and the treadling. By following these visual instructions, you can re-create someone else’s pattern to a “t”. All it takes is a sense of orientation and a few notes on reading a weaving draft. Here we go!

Show Notes –

Another version – I know that everyone learns differently. So, if you’re interested in watching another explanation, I like this video from Jane Stafford. She has a calming, steady way about her that is perfect when learning something complex. Take a look right here! 

Free weaving drafts – I found a lovely resource from Interweave titled, “Free Weaving Patterns from Weaving Today”. It’s a 19-page document that’s a combination of general instruction and specific projects. Download your copy today!

Now, you!

In the past when you’ve tried to read a weaving draft, where did you get confused or turned around? Let me know!

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