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I decided not to do a traditional episode of A Handwoven Experience this week, but instead tell you a story about the upcoming class called, “Planning a Weaving Project with Confidence”. (The next session will be held in the fall of 2021. I’ll keep you posted on the exact date!) 

Once upon a time, there was a girl learning to weave (okay, you guessed it – me!). And I found that the basic instructions I received for planning a project were fine and good. But, they only told a portion of the story.

The numbers you jot down when planning a weaving project reflect a million little decisions. And how do you determine those little decisions? Well, I’ve found that you do it by having a logical, methodical process to help you cover all your bases.

Who is the class for?

This class is for the beginning weaver who has only used a weaving kit, or someone else’s project plans so far. But while you’re weaving someone else’s project, you are imagining small changes you’d make and ways to personalize it. “If it were up to me, I would…”

It’s for the dreamer who has a clear vision of what you want to weave, but are nervous that you’ll make a wrong step right at the beginning. So, you don’t begin. “I’m not sure how to start, so I’ll just wait.”

“Planning a Weaving Project with Confidence” is for the weaver who’s ready to begin exploring your own unique weaving style. But, in order to do that, you’ll need to control the process from the get-go. “My style isn’t like anything else. How do I express it?”

Do one of these descriptions fit you? I hope so! You are exactly who I want to work with.

What’s included in this class?

The “Planning a Weaving Project with Confidence” class is a carefully thought-out set of instructions and prompts that can be applied at the beginning of any weaving project.

Let me give you an example. With each project, begin with these two questions. What do I want to create? And, what is the personality of that item? Notice there is no mention of math anywhere. All you have to do is dream.

The answers to these two questions will set the tone for your project and become a north star for all the other details that will support your bold, geometric table runner, or your light, fluffy curtains, or whatever your project is.

After you’ve determined what you’re creating and its personality, all the numbers that make up the planning process will fall into place.

In class, we’ll discuss the basics of a planning page and then dive deeper. We’ll touch on fiber and patterns, discussing how they can help you achieve the goal of your weaving masterpiece.

Why do this class?

And as I’ve gotten older, what I’ve realized is the challenges I ran into in the past are probably the same challenges you’re currently running into. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to help you skip many of the steps I went through, in order to begin accurately planning your weaving projects now, instead of later?

After 15 years of weaving and planning hundreds of projects, I can safely say I’ve made more mistakes than the average bear. But those mistakes have given me a special kind of clarity when it comes to planning a project from the beginning.

I’m very excited to share all my tips and tricks with you!

What will you walk away with?

My goal is to get people weaving. The simpler and more approachable I can make it, the more people will try it. (At least, that is my core philosophy.) So if I can provide you with a tried and true system for planning a weaving project with great results, taking out lots of the guesswork, there is a much better chance you’ll give it a go.

And I’m firmly convinced that once you start to see results, once the projects begin turning out like you imagined, there won’t be anything you can’t take on! The world will be your oyster, truly.

So you’ll receive the following –

  • Perspective. It’s easy to get bogged down and terrified by all the numbers. I’ll show you how to make good decisions for your project, with a gentle reminder that we are having fun and that everything is a learning process.
  • Framework. You’ll receive an easy, approachable framework that all your projects can fit into, forever and ever, amen.
  • Resources. You’ll be given an information page chockful of details that will keep you moving and will help you avoid drowning in the research vortex. Ultimately, the goal is to help you make decisions quickly and confidently so you can get to the good part – weaving!

How do I register?

(The next session of Planning a Weaving Project with Confidence will be held fall of 2021. As soon as I have a date for you, I’ll let you know!)

Just in case…

If you have reservations, here are a few parting thoughts. I am here, happy to answer any questions you may have about the appropriateness of the class. I want to be sure it is a good fit for you! Drop me a note in the comments, or email me privately at

I will be giving you my all before, during, and after class. My goal is to do the best job possible to make sure you are wildly successful in planning all your future projects – I take that very seriously. I promise you’ll be in good hands!

Thank you!

Whether or not you decide to jump into, “Planning a Weaving Project with Confidence” class, I’d like to thank you! Simply by being a part of the Acton Creative community, you’ve allowed me to dream big, which in turn will allow many other beginning weavers to do the same. You are awesome and I thank you!! Happy Weaving, my friend!


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