I had a fabulous subscriber recently ask me about weaving sett and it’s a great topic! So, let’s talk about sett! Here we go.

Sett refers to the spacing between the warp yarns in your project. And when you talk about sett, you also talk about epi – ends per inch. EPI is the actual number you use. For instance, if you have 12 warp yarns in 1 inch, you are using a 12 epi.

When someone asks you, “What sett did you use for your project?”, you respond “I used 12 epi.”. Easy as that! Well, maybe there’s a little more to it. Tune into this week’s episode of A Handwoven Experience to find out!

Show Notes –

Master Yarn Chart – Handwoven magazine (which is now part of Long Thread Media) has a very extensive yarn chart (9 pages!) that includes suggested setts for each yarn, plus some other valuable information. In their chart, they have 3 suggested setts for each – the middle sett is for plain weave. If you are an information junkie, this document will make you simply giddy! With over 400 different yarns, you will always be in the know. You can download a copy for yourself right here. 

How to determine your sett? – Gist published a great post about determining your sett with an unknown yarn – which happens! I like the way they walk you through the terms and show you how to do it. Definitely worth a read! Click here to see more. 

Planning a Weaving Project with Confidence – 

Great news! I will be hosting a live class all about planning a weaving project on Tuesday, April 6 at 7:00 pm (CST)! I’m so excited to dive into this fun, informative class! My goal is that by the time you are finished, you’ll feel ready to develop amazing weaving project plans on your own and with complete gusto! 

All registration takes place through EventBrite and when you click here, it’ll take you right to it. I cannot WAIT for you to join me for this fabulous event!! See you soon! And Happy Weaving!