In episode 52 of A Handwoven Experience, I’m walking you through an easy, no-stress method for how to replace a warp yarn.

We’ve all had those days. You are weaving along without a care in the world when suddenly you hear a “ping”, or you feel a change in the tension (or simply a change in the force). When you look down at your fabric, you see a random end of a warp yarn staring back at you. Ugh, broken warp yarn. What a pain!

But I’m here to assure you that you don’t need to be nervous about snapped warp yarns! It’s an easy fix. Grab a safety pin, measure a new warp yarn, find something to weight it off the back, and meet me at the loom. I’ll walk you through it – no sweat!

Show Notes –

Official warp thread weights – I found some very beautiful, official-looking weights for your warp threads at Weaver House! If the old film canister or pill bottle are a little too pedestrian for you and you want something much nicer, check these out! Click the link here to order yours today.  

Floating selvedges – I’ve chatted about floating selvedges in a past episode of A Handwoven Experience, and explained how they come in very handy with certain types of weaving patterns. What I’ve also discovered is that I can’t always anticipate when I’ll need them, prior to the start of the weaving process. Thus, I’ll add them after the loom is dressed and I’ve played with my pattern a bit. All this to say that I’ll use the same method of attaching floating selvedges as I do replacing broken warp yarns. Just something to keep in your back pocket!

Now, you –

What do you traditionally use to weight your warp yarns?

Planning a Weaving Project with Confidence – 

Great news! I will be hosting a live class all about planning a weaving project on Wednesday, June 2 at 7:00 pm (CST)! I’m so excited to dive into this fun, informative class! My goal is that by the time you are finished, you’ll feel ready to develop amazing weaving project plans on your own and with complete gusto! 

All registration takes place through EventBrite and when you click here, it’ll take you right to it. I cannot WAIT for you to join me for this fabulous event!! See you soon! And Happy Weaving!