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Here is our battle cry for the day! Say it with me, “3 Cheers for the Guide String”! This unassuming yarn can dramatically change the course of a weaving project. Yep, it has that much power. Just sitting there on the warping board.

Are you curious as to why the guide string is so important? Take a look at episode 53 of A Handwoven Experience to dive deeper. After watching it, you’ll be yelling, “3 Cheers for the Guide String”, too!

Show Notes –

Warping board – Back in October, I dedicated an entire episode to the warping board – the elegant pegged frame that helps us begin each weaving project. If you missed it, take a peek right here. 

Using a warping board – Nicole over at Warped Fibers wrote a lovely blog about working on a warping board! I love reading posts from other weavers. You never know when another person’s perspective will offer a better way to do something. I hope you’ll enjoy Nicole’s post as much as I did! (Just click here.)

Now, you!

What do you use for a guide string? An off-color yarn? A whole train of yarn bits knotted together? Maybe a yarn you haven’t found a project for yet? What’s your go-to?

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