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Welcome to this episode of Tension Talk… Sounds like it should be an hour-long, mid-day show with 4 ladies around a table, doesn’t it?

But in this case, I’m talking about weaving tension. What is it and why is it important? That’s the topic up for discussion instead of who’s divorcing who. Enjoy!

Show Notes –

Advice from Madelyn – Madelyn Van Der Hoogt answered a question about uneven tension in a segment on the Handwoven website and I always try to sit up & pay attention when Madelyn doles out advice! Take a peek at her reply here.

Winding on – In this week’s episode of A Handwoven Experience, I refer to the process of winding your project on to the loom as evenly as possible in an effort to help your project’s tension. If you’d like a refresher on how I recommend winding on, click here to see my process. Hopefully it’ll work for you, too!

Now, you!

If you were a guest on my show, Tension Talk, what would be your biggest challenge with weaving tension?

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