In this episode of A Handwoven Experience, I’m tackling the Famous Straight Draw. You’ll hear weavers ask if a pattern is a straight draw. But what does that actually mean?

Today, I’m walking you through it! Not only will I provide an explanation for straight draw, but I also threw in some tips about how to create one on your loom. Enjoy!

Show Notes –

More on straight draw – There’s a lovely blog post from Robyn Spady all about straight draw. She tosses out a few great resources all centered around this specific topic. Really interesting! Take a peek here to see more. 

Threading heddles – Since the idea of a straight draw is intimately connected to threading heddles, I thought I would include a video all about that topic! In case you missed episode 8, I’ve cued it up just for you!

Now, you!

What is your experience with the famous straight draw? Do you use it often?

June Weave Along

The fun has started – I’m leading a Weave Along! The parameters are simple – weave an item using Hopsack during the month of June. Easy enough!

Want more information? Scoot over to the recent blog post to see all the details. I can’t wait to see what you create!!

Acton Creative Insiders

The AC Insiders are getting in on the Weave Along Fun! Not only will the members get to watch my project unfold throughout the month, they will get my exact project plan! This is perfect for the weaver who isn’t quite sure how to start something on their own. We’d love to have you! Join us, won’t you? 

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