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Have you ever worked with a repair heddle before? No? Well then, get ready to have your world rocked on its axis – or at least tilted a little bit.

A repair heddle is a fabulous tool to have handy when you find a threading error in your loom. Here are the differences between a typical heddle and a repair heddle.

– A typical heddle is something you purchase from a weaving store or website. It slides on the top and bottom rails in a shaft on your loom. It’s a must-have for every project.

– A repair heddle is something you can easily make with a length of yarn and 2 safety pins. It can be clipped onto the rails at any location. It is the perfect temporary hero when you have a rogue warp yarn to wrangle.

The beauty and charm of a repair heddle is that it can save you hours of rethreading your warp, allowing you to get to the weaving part much faster! Take a look at this week’s episode of A Handwoven Experience to see more.

Show Notes –

More on the repair heddle – I found a sweet article from Penny Nelson of Sky Loom Weavers with her take on this exact topic. It’s a short read – you can see it all here. (The last paragraph totally makes it!)

Heddle refresher – Need a little more background to follow the conversation? I’ve got you covered! Take a look at an earlier episode that dives deeper into the world of heddles.

Now, you!

Have you ever made your own repair heddle?

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