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Today, I’m talking about the weaving shed. Nope, it’s not in the back of the yard, holding your rakes and shovels. This shed refers to the vertical space in between the warp yarns, created by moving the shafts.

A topic like the weaving shed isn’t something you need to continuously mull over. But, if you haven’t been introduced to it yet, it’s important to understand a little bit about it.

Take a look at episode 60 of A Handwoven Experience to find out more.

Show Notes –

Spring Cleaning – I found a great article from Deb Essen at Handwoven Magazine talking about the importance of a clean weaving shed and a few things to do to guarantee you have one. Take a peek right here! 

X’s and O’s – The wonderfully informative Jane Stafford wrote a blog post about rising sheds and sinking sheds, and what that means for your tie-ups. What I particularly found interesting was that when you’re reading a weaving draft, you can tell how it is written (for rising shed or sinking shed) by what symbol is used. If you see “o’s”, the draft is written for a rising shed loom, and “x’s” for a sinking shed. Brilliant! Read the entire thing to find her clever trick for remembering which is which.

Treadles and Tie-ups – Need a quick refresher? I’ve got just the thing! Back in episode 35, I gave a quick overview of those exact components. You can see it here. 

Now, you!

What kind of loom do you have? Does it have a rising shed, or a sinking shed?

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