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Sometimes in life, you just need 2 finishing tips to wrap up a project, right?

You’ve dressed your loom, woven for hours, and finally cut the project off! Yay you! Now, what? Well, I have a few simple techniques to offer that will help you put your gorgeous project to bed.

Take a look at episode 61 to add these 2 finishing tips to your repertoire.

Show Notes –

Fringe Twister – I currently have an older style of Schacht fringe twister. But, I love the look of this newer version! Take a look at it here – there’s even a video so you can see how it functions!

Helpful accessories – Did the fringe twister intrigue you? Being a weaver means you have all kinds of options for accessories! Take a peek at episode 13 to see what else might help you during the weaving process. 

Now, you!

What is your favorite way to finish a project?

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