Did you know that with understanding just a few concepts, you could be creating tubes using double weave on your loom, with absolutely no sewing involved? How fancy is that?

I gotta say, double weave can be PRETTY fancy! However, at the core of it, there’s no need for a graduate degree or expensive weaving software. Once you can visualize the circular nature of weaving a tub on your loom, it’ll become addictive!

Take a look at episode 63 to see how it works.

Show Notes –

Double Weave – The Schacht Spindle Company (who I love and all my looms are from!) has all sorts of great information about weaving! I discovered a lovely multi-part article from them all about double weave. You can do a lovely deep dive right here. 

An easy overview – If you’ve never heard of double weave and this all seems a bit bewildering, I have a great place for you to start. Last year, I created a series of videos covering some of the major types of weaving and double weave was included. So, take a peek here to see episode 18 that includes a nice, easy overview of this seemingly complex weave pattern.

Now, you!

What has been your experience with double weave?

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