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Part of every weaver’s job is to manage the moving parts – the beater bar, the levers/treadles, and the shuttle. All those components need to work in harmony to create a functional piece of fabric.

So in this episode, I’m walking you through 2 options on how to organize your moving parts. I’ll talk you through the method I use and discuss why I do it. Then, I’ll present the other option and you can decide for yourself which one is the best fit for you!

Enjoy episode 84 of A Handwoven Experience.

Show Notes –

Inspiring Weavers – While it might seem like a very small, elite group, there are, in fact, many weavers in the world weaving amazing things as we speak. I found a lovely blog post from Make Works that lists “10 Weavers To Get You Weaving”. In it, you’ll find a fabulous variety of styles and items that will hopefully spark your creativity! You can enjoy the article right here.

All About Table Looms – In today’s video, I’m sitting at my 15″ 4-shaft Schacht table loom, which is a fabulous loom if you are short on space. If you’d like to find out more about the world of table looms, take a peek at episode 24 right here. Maybe you’ll be encouraged to buy your own!

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