As a relative to overshot, Summer & Winter provides all of the drama with 2 shuttles and a bold pattern. Yet, it is not only easier to dress the loom, it is easier to weave than overshot! It’s a win/win!

So, sit back and enjoy episode 92, a brief and enticing look at Summer & Winter!

Show Notes –

Deep dive – There’s a wonderful blog post from Melissa Ludden Hankens with the Schacht Spindle Company all about Summer & Winter. She does a great job showcasing some of the history and then breaking down the actual components of the pattern. Click here to enjoy every little bit! 

Threading heddles – WAY back, many moons ago, I did a step-by-step series showing what it looks like to do an entire project, start to finish. So, I thought I’d pull out the threading heddles video just as a refresher, since I talk about that step a lot in Summer & Winter. I hope you enjoy episode 8, Threading Heddles! 

The April Weave Along

Join us for the April Weave Along! This month-long weaving adventure consists of just 2 guidelines: we all start & finish a weaving project in the month of April, and we all use the same pattern, log cabin.

For more fun and fellowship, there is a Facebook group all are welcome to join! Simply click here to meet a wonderful community of weavers –

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