In today’s weaving video, I’m talking about how to match your item & your fiber. When planning a new project, it is important to give a little thought to which yarn will help you create the vision you have in your head.

And while there isn’t a flawless formula for making that decision, you can ask yourself a few qualifying questions to effectively narrow it down! That’s what episode 93 is all about. Enjoy!!

Show Notes –

Library of Yarns – I found some very interesting information from a Jacquard company in the UK called Humphries Weaving. They talk about the broad categories of fiber and give a little description for each – how they are used, and what are their strengths. Very interesting! Give it a look right here. 

Buying Weaving Yarn Online – If you haven’t shopped much for weaving yarn, it can feel really overwhelming! But never fear, I created a video that will walk you through all the intense descriptions and initials. And once you comprehend the basics, buying weaving yarn won’t feel nearly so scary! Here is episode 41 for you! 

The April Weave Along

Join us for the April Weave Along! This month-long weaving adventure consists of just 2 guidelines: we all start & finish a weaving project in the month of April, and we all use the same pattern, log cabin.

For more fun and fellowship, there is a Facebook group all are welcome to join! Simply click here to meet a wonderful community of weavers –

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