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In episode 94, I’m making my case for why weaving is good for you. Now, I’m not suggesting you cut out kale or stop doing yoga. But, weaving is much more than just another craft!

So, if you’ve been looking for a reason to get into weaving, this video could seal the deal! Enjoy!

Show Notes –

Actual scientific stuff – While my personal list of why weaving is good for you was not backed by a scientific team, I thought it would be interesting to source a sciency article connecting creativity to good things. Here’s what I found. It’s a blog post from the Therapy Group of NYC linking better mental health to creativity – amazing! I hope you enjoy it! (Click here to read all about it – and feel a tad smarter, too!)

5 Ways to Recognize a Weaver – I’m taking us back to the beginning, episode 12. In that episode, I list ways to recognize a weaver. (Funny how I’m drawn towards lists with 5 things. Not 4. Not 6. Just 5!) This entertaining compilation might (or might not) surprise you – especially if they describe someone you know! Check out this classic A Handwoven Experience video. 

Acton Creative Insiders – 

Do you love all things Acton Creative? Want event more? I have just the thing! I’ve partnered with Patreon to bring you the Acton Creative Insiders! This monthly membership includes personal insights, weaving tips/tricks, and behind-the-scenes action every single week! All we’re missing is you!  This link will take you right to the AC Insiders page where you can see more details and register today! I can’t wait to have you as part of the team!

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