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April has been an incredible month, starting and finishing a project while experimenting with log cabin. So to celebrate and highlight all our talented weavers, I’ve composed the official April Weave Along Gallery!

Watch and enjoy the various project personalities in the April Weave Along Gallery!

Show Notes –

Thank Yous – I would like to send out some special Thank Yous to people who went above and beyond in making the April Weave Along such a success!

  • First up, Rebecca at Three Moons Fiberworks. She’s always game when I come in and say, “I have a crazy idea!” This time around, she single-handedly managed triple the anticipated number of Weave Along Kits, which was no simple feat. She’s simply amazing!
  • Next up, Jamie Scott. I roped Jamie into helping me with a quickly growing Facebook group and she truly stepped up! She not only encouraged each and every participant, but she shared her experiences and wisdom which made the entire month-long weaving adventure that much richer.
  • Finally, all the active participants of the April Weave Along! Your willingness to try something new, to comfort a fellow frustrated weaver, to support a friend’s excited efforts, and to lend your information and your resources was so inspiring. YOU made the experience special. You treated it like it was significant and because of that, it really was!

What’s Next – The Weave Along will be coming back strong in October 2022! So stay tuned for more information. My goal is to grow and improve this month-long weaving adventure with every iteration.

For now, we’ll rest up and bask in our colorful success. Then, we’ll come back better than ever to do it again in just a few months! In the meantime, keep those shuttles flying! Happy Weaving!

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