Are you ready for the Brooks Bouquet Breakdown? In today’s video, I’ll be presenting the basic components of this fun and easy lace weaving pattern.

If you’re thinking that hand-manipulated patterns aren’t for you, I’m hoping to change your mind! Check out episode 97 right here.

Show Notes –

History lesson – I found an article about Brooks Bouquet that explains how it got its name! I’m always interested in hearing the back story! So, give this quick blog post a read to learn more about this fascinating lace structure. 

More lace for you! – I’ve been on a serious hand-manipulated lace weaving kick, haven’t I? And while I’m enjoying my time exploring these variations, I do truly love the loom-controlled lace patterns! Matter of fact, almost exactly a year ago, I released “The Case for Lace”, giving you a wonderful overview of the world of lace weaving patterns. Here’s your refresher right here! 

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