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What if your 15″ wide loom could weave a 30″ wide project? Fancy, right? Knowing how to double the width of your fabric is a very handy skill to keep in your back pocket! And episode 100 will walk you through exactly how to do it!

p.s. If you need to brush up on your double weave, here are a few other episodes to bring you up to speed. You’ll be weaving double the width in no time!

Episode 18 – Double Weave Overview (,

Episode 63 – Creating a Tube Using Double Weave (,

And, Episode 99 – Planning for Double Weave (

Show Notes –

Tips for the fold – Jennifer Moore has a blog post offering a great variety of tips for tackling the fold in double weave! I love her calm and approachable presentation! Check it out right here.  

Episode 100!!! – My friend, we are in the triple digits! Yes, over the last 2+ years, 100 episodes of A Handwoven Experience have been recorded and released! Amazing! I just want to send you a huge hug and a Thank You card for all you’ve done to get us here. (While you’ll need to settle for a virtual hug, I am good for a Thank You card! Send your address to and I’ll happily send some snail mail your way!)

Together, we have covered a crazy range of beginning weaving topics, from plain weave to equipment to yarn to overshot. We have done A LOT!! And there is still so much more to talk about!

So cheers to you, my cheerleader and sounding board! May we continue to create informative, encouraging weaving videos for at least another 100!

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