It’s time for the Take-Up Talk!

If you aren’t familiar with the phrase “take-up”, it refers to the distance the warp yarn goes over and under the weft yarn. So, in each project, it is important to “allow” for take-up – meaning add extra inches to the length of your warp, in order to compensate for the bulk of the weft.

Whew!! Sounds complicated, right? I promise that I’ll explain it all in the video. Enjoy!

Show Notes –

Ask Madelyn – If you’ve never heard of Madelyn Van Der Hoogt, prepare to be amazed! Madelyn is a wildly influential author, weaver, and teacher. Personally, her videos on dressing the loom were a big influence on my approach. She is simply my kind of girl! So as I poked around for related blog posts, I found a wonderful “Ask Madelyn” all about planning a weaving project, which she answers beautifully! You can read it right here.  

How to pick your project yarns – Warp and weft yarns have very different jobs. Therefore, it’s important to keep a few things in mind when choosing what goes where. I have 2 videos explaining how to choose each! Watch “How to Pick a Warp Yarn” here, and “How to Pick a Weft Yarn” right here!

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