Getting ready to slide your project off the warping board? Here are the 2 things to do before the warp comes off!

Number 1 – Mark the cross (required)
Number 2 – Add choke ties (suggested)

Check out episode 105 to fill in the blanks. Enjoy!

Show Notes –

Madelyn van der Hoogt – I mentioned the fabulous Madelyn in this episode, because she was the first person I had ever heard talk about dressing a loom with such a casual, zen-like approach. And that really called to me! Why does dressing a loom need to be stressful, or exact, or intense? Madelyn and I would much rather you relax and sink into the process. After all, it will probably be hours of your life each time – why not enjoy it? Just in case you haven’t heard of Madelyn before, here is a great video of my bff who I’ve never met! Now, she can be your weaving bff, too!

Weaving Cross – Need a refresher on the weaving cross? I’ve got your covered! Episode 46 will walk you through it. Click here for a quick tutorial.

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