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Here is your intro to Monk’s Belt! This very old weaving pattern is a great design to get familiar with.

With its trademark geometric blocks, Monk’s Belt is a perfect pattern if you want to try throwing 2 shuttles simultaneously, but also keep things simple by using a fairly easy repeat. And in today’s episode, I’m walking you through the basic elements of Monk’s Belt so you’ll get a big picture look at this ancient weaving pattern.

I sincerely hope you’ll give it a try! Happy Weaving!

Show Notes –

Monk’s Belt and more – Gist Yarn has a great blog post all about our featured patterned, along with crackle weave, and summer & winter – just to name a few. They all require the use of 2 shuttles, which is perfect! Because once you get the hang of coordinating a pair of shuttles, the door will open to an entire new world of weaving draft options! Here is the link to take you to Gist’s post. 

Overshot – In this episode, I allude to the fact that Monk’s Belt is a great pattern to try as you work your way up to overshot. If you aren’t familiar with overshot, I have a wonderful episode that will walk you through it. You can do it! Click here to watch. 

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