Are you ready for Stashbusting for Weavers (pt 2)? Part 1 was all about ideas to use up your leftover yarn. Now, let’s talk about using up your leftover handwoven fabric.

You see, weavers almost always have additional inches of handwoven fabric that aren’t part of the intended project. It’s just a good idea to give yourself a bit of a cushion by adding more inches to the warp than you think you’ll need.

Therefore, in SO many cases, when you reach the end of your project, you still have some warp inches left – prompting some fun, carefree weaving time and leaving you with sweet little swatches of handwoven fabric. What do you do with them?

That’s what I’m discussing today! Let’s do it.

Show Notes –

Sewing handwoven fabric – Handwoven magazine pulled together some tips for sewing handwoven fabric. As you may or may not know yet, handwoven fabric is a different beast that a typical fabric you’ll find at a JoAnn Fabric’s. So, it has some unique requirements. Soak up all the sewing goodness right here. 

Stashbusting for Weavers (pt 1) – Did you miss the first part of the stashbusting for weavers conversation? No worries – I have you covered. Here is a link to take you right to the stashbusting discussion all about leftover yarn. Enjoy! 

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