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Have you ever found yourself short on color inspiration? You have a beautiful, empty loom staring at you while you wonder, “What colors should I use for the next project?”

Never fear, my friend! I have just the episode for you. In episode 137, I’m bringing you ideas of places to look for color inspiration. These will get you started so you can dress that beautiful empty loom! Enjoy!

Show Notes –

Colors of the Year – There’s a great article about the colors of the year from the perspective of paint companies – because of course they would focus on the new hip colors! Whether you agree or disagree, it will definitely give you some interesting ideas. Click here to check it out! 

Color Tips – If you’d like to ease into using more color in your weaving projects, I have just the episode for you! Episode 64 is called, “3 Color Tips for Beginning Weavers” and it’s a perfect combination of simple and impactful. You’ll be able to use these tips WAY past the point of being called a beginner. Take a look at this useful video right here. 

The October Weave Along

The October Weave Along is here and we’re excited to see your shadow weave projects! To see all the details about this month-long weaving adventure, check out OWAL Central right here.   (And don’t forget to join the Facebook Group!

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