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Talk about a wordy title – “# of Heddles Per Shaft for Your Project”! Yet no matter how I tried to shorten it, it just didn’t explain the episode any better that this. So here we are with the world’s longest title and a jam-packed episode!

I dug deep to give you 2 different approaches for figuring up how many heddles you’ll need for your project – how many per inch, and how many per repeat. And be forewarned, there is math in this episode! So, so much math…

Hopefully, this will provide you with an important skill when tackling your next project! Enjoy episode 138 of A Handwoven Experience!

Show Notes –

Mathing Around – I found this lovely website that is based in education, but includes an entire blog post on the connection between math and weaving! Ultimately I think what sets weavers apart from other art forms is the amount of detailed work and analytical thinking we’re required to do. And a big part of that is math! So, yay us!! Please enjoy this interesting blog post right here. 

Army of Heddles – WAY back in episode 34, I did a deep dive into the world of heddles and if you are new to weaving, this is a great topic to review before jumping headlong into today’s episode! Here’s the link for “Army of Heddles”. 

October Weave Along

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