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Ever felt like you couldn’t weave a project until you had exactly the right yarn? Or you were told that you absolutely MUST get your yarn from a specialty store versus anywhere else? Have those influences ever made you question if there are bad yarns for weaving?

In today’s episode, I’m going to share my 2 cents on the world of yarn and weaving. (Here’s a hint: there are no BAD yarns – only bad applications.)

I would absolutely rather you weave with what you have, and what you can afford than wait until some day in the future when you can acquire the “perfect” yarn. Dress your loom, throw your shuttle, and let’s weave, shall we?

Show Notes –

Unusual materials – I found a wonderful blog from the Reno Fiber Guild where the members were challenged to work with odd and unusual materials for their wefts. And boy, did they incorporate some unique items! Check out their walk through this fascinating challenge! 

Recycling and weaving – Speaking of working with what you have, I absolutely love to play with recycled materials in my weaving projects. The challenges that come with using whatever’s around the house really encourage me to be creative – and that’s always a good thing! Early on at episode 28, I talked all about it. Please enjoy it right here. 

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