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As far as beginning weaving patterns go, the very happy hopsack is one of the best! This simple, yet beautiful fabric is created with a straight-forward threading and an even easier treadling. So, if you aren’t yet familiar with hopsack, here is your introduction. Enjoy!

Show Notes –

Hopsack in Fashion – What I found fascinating while doing my very happy hopsack research is how many fashion references came up! I am absolutely no expert on anything fashionable, but when you type in “hopsack”, many menswear pages appear. It’s really interesting! Most of them recommend hopsack as a summer, lightweight fabric for a jacket. Huh – who knew? I have a great example right here if you’d like to go down the hopsack rabbit hole with me. 

Floating Selvedges – One of the key elements of hopsack is the use of floating selvedges. And if you haven’t had a chance to use them yet, get ready for your life to change! Here is episode 42, “Fabulous Floating Selvedges”. 

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