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Today’s episode is a continuation of our discussion – Analyzing Your Weaving Project: Part 2. But this week, I’m tackling the non-technical aspects.

What does that mean, you ask? Well, were there parts of the process that technically went well, but you didn’t enjoy them? Maybe you discovered that you don’t like long projects or tiny stripes or lengthy repeats.

Or maybe you found parts of the process you really love! Like, using 2 shuttles or sewing the fabric or incorporating complicated threadings. There is no wrong answer! Just capture your experience so you can make great decisions going forward.

Show Notes –

Bad weavings – Warped Fibers wrote a great blog post about creating bad weavings and why it is important to do so. I think it is easy to get laser-focused on trying to weave perfectly. And while it is important to improve your skills, I would rather you bravely make mistakes and have fun versus being paralyzed by the pursuit of perfection. This blog post captures that idea beautifully and I hope you enjoy it. 

Part 1 – Did you miss Part 1 of this series? If so, I’ve got you covered. Part 1 is all about the technical part of the equation, which is very important and absolutely worth spending a few moments to look back at your work. Here is the link that’ll take you directly to Analyzing a Weaving Project: Part 1. 

Printable Worksheet –

pssst… Do you love a good worksheet? I’ve created a .pdf all about analyzing the non-technical sides of your weaving project. To grab your copy, simply sign up to become a paid member of the Acton Creative Insiders membership. It’s waiting for you! Click here to become a member


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