Oooh, it’s an exciting one – today I’m talking about the curvy, undulating twill!

Imagine twill with its diagonals, but there are curves where the precise geometric lines should be. It’s twill’s audacious cousin! (And p.s., it is really fun and easy to do!)

So please enjoy this week’s episode of A Handwoven Experience all about the curvy undulating twill.

Show Notes – 

Undulating Twills, according to Marcy – Have you met Marcy Petrini yet? I had the great pleasure of hanging out with Marcy at the last Convergence in Knoxville. She was in charge of the bus for 2 different day-long tours I participated in. And let me just say that it’s a whole lot of fun, hanging out with Marcy! Not only is she an engaging human being, she’s also wildly knowledgeable on all things weaving. So I was really happy to find that Marcy had created a blog post all about undulating twill that I could share with you! Click here to read her thoughts. 

April Weave Along – Did you hear the wonderful news? The April Weave Along is here and we’ll be doing the wonderful undulating twill as our common pattern! (See how I brought that all together?) To read all about this month-long weaving adventure, zip over to the AWAL Central Page. There you’ll find details about the Acton Creative project, how to order yarn, and when you can join the Facebook page. It’s going to be a great month!

Acton Creative Insiders – 

Did you know that every AC Insider at the Boat Shuttle Tier and higher will get access to a FREE copy of the multi-shaft instructions for the April Weave Along? Yep!  This link will take you right to the AC Insiders page to register today! (I’ll save you a copy.) 

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