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In today’s video, I’m going to simplify a few key parts of the planning process so you are planning a weaving project with ease.

You see, planning a weaving project can feel a touch intimidating. There are lots of numbers to find and decisions to make. And while each project will have its own unique plans, there are things we can do to make the entire situation easier and more enjoyable.

So why don’t we chat about ways to make planning a project simpler? Yep, I vote for that option! Are you with me? No stress, no frustration – just smooth planning!

Show Notes –

Take-Up and Shrinkage – These are 2 key components to factor into nearly all weaving projects. Take-up refers to the inches you lose because your warp yarn is being pushed up and down to make room for the weft yarn. And shrinkage is the amount of inches lost in the washing and drying process. I found a lovely article from Gist that walks you through these important parts of the planning process. Click here to take it all in. 

Straight Weaving Edges – I have a previous episode tackling the width of a project and the edges weavers can easily obsess over. The more you weave, the better your control will become when it comes to how much you draw-in from side-to-side. However, some draw-in is natural and I encourage you to roll with it! Here is the video so you can decide for yourself.  

April Weave Along

The April Weave Along is here! Join us for this month-long weaving adventure where we all start and finish a project in the month of April, and we all utilize the same pattern. This time around, we’re leaning into undulating twill! To see all the program details and find out how you can participate, jog over to the April Weave Along Central page.

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