So, you want to buy a loom! Congratulations on taking this very big step – I’m so excited for you!

While the idea of purchasing a loom can be a daunting one, with a few simple questions, you can easily narrow it down. Once you narrow down the options, I have complete faith that you’ll find a wonderful loom to enhance your weaving journey.

I have a few ideas to help you out! Press play to enjoy episode 166.

Show Notes –

Woolhouse Looms – Do you enjoy a good story? Well settle in, my friend, and let me share a delightful tale about a guy in Cincinnati trying to buy Woolhouse looms. Tim and Cynthia Hale are friends of mine and it is fascinating hearing their story of becoming loom makers! Here’s the link to read it for yourself. 

Buying a Loom – I have an early episode about buying looms that dives a little deeper into those helpful qualifying questions. They will absolutely aid you in narrowing down your search! Click here to watch. 

Acton Creative Insiders –

Speaking of looms, I have a very special freebie for my Acton Creative Insiders! It is a list of the major loom manufacturers in North America! So if you are just starting out and would like to get familiar with who’s who in the world of looms, this is an ideal resource for you! Simply become a member at any tier and grab your copy today!  This link will take you right to the AC Insiders page .

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