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There are a LOT of weaving patterns to choose from and any beginner can tell you how overwhelming it is to select what’s next. So in today’s episode, I’m helping to narrow down the list – starting with 1-shuttle weaving patterns.

They range from very easy to mildly challenging. But no matter the pattern, I know you’ll enjoy giving them a try.

Show Notes –

Waffle Weave – My friend, if you haven’t yet tried waffle weave, I sincerely hope you’ll give it a try. It has some sort of magical properties, I’m fairly certain. You see, on the loom it looks cool. But once it is off the loom, BAM! These fabulous waffles simply pop up everywhere. It’s special, for sure. Check out Flora & Fiber’s post all about working with waffle weave. 

Bumberet – This is a sweet pattern in my 1-shuttle weaving patterns list, and I highly recommend it for any beginner. I recently gave it a try, just to discover that it is a wonderfully simple design that’s so satisfying to weave. Here’s a prior episode dedicated to the fabulous Bumberet. 

Want More?

I decided that this episode needed a printable handout! You see, I love a good list – checking things off and making notes. So, if you are anything like me, wander over to the Acton Creative Insiders to grab your copy. All paid members will have access. Simply click here to become a member today!

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