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In today’s episode of A Handwoven Experience, I’ll be using you as my guinea pigs. Yep, you are going to help me once and for all learn the names of the bevy of beams on a loom.

You see, I’ve been weaving a LONG time and yet, in all that time, the specific names of the beams have not stuck with me. I typically gloss right over it and point to what I’m talking about instead of using the correct name.

So I’ve decided that it is high time I finally started using the correct titles for these important pieces on my loom. And what better way than to teach it to someone else? Are you game? Let’s do it.

Show Notes –

Diagram of a loom – There are quite a few labeled diagrams of looms out there. So, if you decide to go diving into loom parts, you’ll find quite the variety. But, I thought I could get you started with a nice diagram from Leclerc looms. Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to see the good stuff. Here’s the link to whip you right there. 

A Tour of My Floor Loom – Way back when, in the middle ages, as the internet was just being invented, I started this lovely series called “A Handwoven Experience”. And when I tell you that the early videos were rough, well, my friend, they were rough. I found a doozy for us in #4, “A Tour of My Floor Loom”. I completely cracked up when I neatly avoided the name of the breast beam, just calling it the “front” beam, and clearly, I hadn’t discovered lipstick yet. But, those early episodes led to later, better episodes and I’m immensely grateful for those!! Here is your walk down memory lane, “A Tour of My Floor Loom”. 

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