KatherineMurrayPhotography_ActonCreative00014Born in central Illinois, Christine (Chris) Acton was raised in the Midwest by a family of avid crafters and musicians. From her grandmother (the 1950’s Home Economics Goddess) to her Aunt Laura (craft store owner), Chris developed a love for all things made with pipe cleaners and googly eyes at a very young age.

Educated in Interior Design and Music Performance at Indiana University, Chris was educated in fine arts and then led a successful career in Interior Design/Space Planning for the next 13 years.

Throughout this journey, she continued to be called to fiber arts and crafts. In 2005, she took her first weaving class and found her footing as an artist. In 2008, she left the corporate world to pursue her art full time, founding Acton Creative, LLC. Her work has been featured in Fiber Arts Magazine and in galleries across the US.

Today, Chris is based in Northwest Indiana at the base of Lake Michigan, where she is active in the local weavers guild and a number of creativity groups.

A Letter from Chris

Hello Friends!

I’m so glad you’ve dropped in to take a look around my website! Almost 10 years ago, I was fortunate enough to discover my passion – weaving! From the minute I walked into Tammy Deck’s class at TLD Design Center in Westmont, IL, I was completely hooked! Stunning yarn, beautiful equipment, fun accessories, and textiles with infinite possibilities – what more could you want? To learn this age-old artform has been a fabulous adventure and I want nothing more than to share my enthusiasm!

I work on a 30 year-old Schacht floor loom in a gorgeous honey color. Looms are beautiful pieces of furniture even if you don’t have a project on them! I typically work with (2) different styles of fabric, traditional and recycled. When developing traditional fabric, I like to work with cotton, wool and any other wonderful yarns available. For the recycled fabric, I enjoy taking neckties or silk scarves and turning them into something new and exciting. Both techniques have become important in creating interesting products!

As a designer, I’m continually drawn to patterns. Are they going faster or slower? Are they alternating back and forth between each other? Are they stable and solid, or light and energetic? They constantly fascinate me! Thus, my weaving becomes a vehicle for translating these patterns into visual, tactile works of art!

My hope is that you’ll not only enjoy all the woven gems, but you’ll be inspired to create something yourself! You never know where your artistic journey may lead….

Enthusiastically yours,