The world needs different types of weavers, it’s true. We need weavers that weave different things, and work with different materials, and go through the process in their own unique way.

So in today’s episode, I’m celebrating our differences! I’ve offered up 3 weaving categories, and I’m encouraging you to give it a little thought. I hope you’ll share your results and help me cheer on all of us, no matter what kind of weaver you are.

Show Notes –

Bryana Bibbs – I recently had the opportunity to see a beautiful exhibit by Bryana Bibbs. She’s a fiber artist based out of Chicago. She displayed a daily fiber journal at our local Chesterton Art Center and it was amazing! Imagine creating a weaving project on a frame loom everyday. Her use of texture and materials was truly inspiring, and she came to mind as I created today’s episode. This is a wonderful interview she gave to Warp & Weft Magazine. 

Identifying a Weaver – WAY back in the beginning of A Handwoven Experience (as in, episode 12!), I did a video called, “5 Ways to Recognize a Weaver”. It is a humorous, yet mostly true, depiction of the life of a weaver. I think you’ll enjoy it! Here is the link to check it out. 

April Weave Along –

The April Weave Along is here! Join us for this month-long weaving adventure where we all start and finish a project in the month of April, and we all utilize the same pattern. This time around, we’re leaning into undulating twill! To see all the program details and find out how you can participate, jog over to the April Weave Along Central page.