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Today, we’re going to learn to how identify your style of loom. This is going to be particularly helpful for my friends who inherited a loom, or purchased one used so there’s a bit of mystery surrounding it!

You see, looms are all designed to separate the warp yarns so you can toss your shuttle and make fabric. That’s their purpose in life and we thank them for it!

However, not all looms accomplish this in the same fashion. Once you understand how each style of loom separates the warp yarns, you can easily identify your style of loom. Thus, episode 126 of “A Handwoven Experience” was born! Please enjoy!

Show Notes –

Different types of looms – Jane Stafford created a thorough, technical post about how the various styles of looms work. She does a MUCH better job explaining a countermarche loom than I do (mostly because I still don’t quite understand where everything goes on a countermarche!). If you are curious and love to read about mechanics, this is a great blog post for you! Read it right here. 

Tour of my Floor Loom – WAY back at the beginning of time when I started recording videos for “A Handwoven Experience”, I created a video (episode 4) walking you through a tour of my floor loom. While you’ve probably seen me weaving at it before, the video shows it without a project on it so you can better see how it works. (Plus, you can appreciate how far I’ve come now that I know how to add words to a video and wear lipstick! Ha!) You can check out, “A Tour of My Floor Loom” here.

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