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Welcome to the Acton Creative Insiders, hosted by Patreon! You are cordially invited to join this special community supporting me (Chris Acton) as I build and grow my weaving business. As an Acton Creative Insider, you’ll be given exclusive access to behind-the-scenes information as well as having a voice in upcoming projects & products. Simply select which membership tier is the best fit for you. Thank you so much for coming on this fantastic trip with me! Happy Weaving!


$5 per month

The $5/month Patron Tier is a perfect place to start! You’ll receive access to exclusive content, found only on Patreon. This includes behind-the-scenes access, live videos, and a front seat to the Acton Creative community. Welcome!

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$20 per month

The $20/month Patron Plus tier is ideal for you if you have an opinion and like to use it! All members at this level will be included in decisions on upcoming weaving projects, products, and any other business questions that come up. Your voice is much appreciated!

Oh! And, I love to send things in the mail. At this level, you’ll be the beneficiary of some exclusive mailed goodies (every other month). So much fun!! (Plus you’ll have all the goodies included in the Patron tier – yay!!

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